tobias tyrbo flodström

product and interior designer

photo: Hans Alm
photo: Hans Alm
U25 is a system wall made for compact living. With its movable parts you as a user can module it after what you need. Clothing storage, shelving, room divider etc. Ones creativity is the limit. By having it mounted between the floor and ceiling you don´t take up much room and it can be placed anywhere you need it. 
The Brief
Develop a product to provide storage and space solution for a compact space. 
The process and execution
After geting the brief and drawings of the building we where design for the ideas started to boil and I started to think about the concept of utilize the hight of the space to make a thin multifunctional product to make the most of the small space. 
After the product hade gone trough all the sketching, modelling and material testing of the design process. I rendered and made technical drawings that was sent to Uppsala Stadsmission for the making of the first prototype. ​​​​​​​
the design process
- sketching, models and computer rendering
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