tobias tyrbo flodström

product and interior designer

The project "New Jugend" was a collaboration with Stockholm Stadsmission
The brief 
Up cycle vintage furniture, clothing, electronics or other objects to give it new life and new value.
The Idea and execution 
I found these old beautiful jugend inspired chairs. A lampshade, an old painting and denim jeans. I let the material i found give me inspiration for what would come. 
We where allowed to add new material. I choose to add pine and some upholstery material. ​​​​​​​
The form came to me quite quickly when i had chosen items, the sketching was just to give a bit more of a solid idea when i started to build.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
A complete reformation of the old chairs, all tho they where beautiful they had served there purpose as chairs. The backs of the chair became the main components for the lamp as the front legs became the main parts for the stool. The old denim jeans had tears in the wrong places and would be discard but instead i gave them new opportunity as a cushion. The old parts where painted with petrol blue color to give a new feel to it.  The old painting was given new life as a lamp shade. 

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