tobias tyrbo flodström

product and interior designer

This project is the final part of my bachelor's degree studies in furniture design at Malmsten's school and is intended to tie together five years of studies from Malmsten's and my previous education to the Möbellinjen.The subject of the work furniture for renovation and is meant to unite Möbellinje's education and Malmsten's studies.
The work is about circular design and my theses work is called
 "Use it, Break it, fix it and repeat! - Circular and refurbishable design"
The collection is named Line M, from Malmsten and Möbellinjen. The furniture is named  after my previous teachers in honor of the skills they gave me to enter the prestigious school Malmstens.
We have the Chair - Barbro, the Armchair - Lotta, the Shelf system - Malin 

Can be seen online here:
Malmsten spring exhibition ​​​​​​​
Armchair - Lotta 
Is a comfortable relaxed armchair and shaped considering the curvature of the spine. It openly presents all its materials and has a detachable upholstery with zippers and has pockets for the padding to be placed in, as well as being able to easily change padding if needed. The padding consists of latex, hairlok and nozag springs. The nozag is clearly visible to show what it is you sit on and provide comfort. That they are openly visible should also facilitate access when and if they need to be changed. It can be unscrewed to easily correct if any part needs to be renovated. 
The chair - Barbro  
A stack-able chair with detachable legs and a removable zippered upholstery with pockets for the padding to be placed in, as well as being able to easily change the padding if needed. The padding consists of latex and hairlok, both circular materials and can easily separate with heat and steam. The legs are removable if they need to be fixed.
The shelf system - Malin
A sideboard /shelf you can stack on top of each other to build on the height and is in the sketching process to get a cabinet as part of the system. And can be disassembled into a flat package. 
Photography by Tony Ottosson
Carpets and Cork from Ogeborg
Fabric: Sonar 3 - Still - Byram - Zippers -  Hairlok - Latex foam - Nosag spring - Ogeborg cork - Linseed oil - Elm - Brash screwhead - rampamuff
the design process
- sketching, mockup, computer rendering and making prototypes
- concept sketches 
- sketches armchair
- sketches shelf system
- sketches chair
- rendering
- the process of making the three prototypes